Driving industry since 1963

About Lakeland

Lakeland Laboratories is a specialist independent chemicals manufacturer, serving sectors worldwide for over 50 years.

Our business has chemistry at its heart. Starting life in 1963, we’ve maintained our focus on product development backed by the hands-on laboratory skills and strong customer relationships which enable us to create products perfectly tailored to their purpose.

ISO 9001-certified and with accessible technical expertise and a deep-rooted commitment to continual improvement and service excellence, our mission is to drive industry through the continual innovative research, development and manufacture of high-quality and bespoke chemicals relied upon by the whole supply chain.

Versatile and incredibly consistent products are manufactured using the best raw materials on the market, enabling our customers to produce dependable product ranges enjoyed by consumers and end users across the globe.

Our Lakeland Laboratories Team

Our key personnel encompass those values which make Lakeland unique. Focused on client need, a drive to deliver technically excellent products and a passion for innovation, our team enjoys many years’ experience with Lakeland Laboratories and each benefits from a deep knowledge of our clients’ sectors, products and challenges.

Paul McCormack
Paul McCormack
Managing Director

An excellent chemist, with 30 years’ Lakeland experience and a collaborative approach that maintains strong relationships.

Catherine Buckley
Catherine Buckley
Technical Sales

Strong technical understanding supported by exceptional client relationships, focused on problem-solving and commitment to service.

Sarah Oliver | Technical Manager
Sarah Oliver
Technical Manager

Driven by innovation and product development, with focus on quality assurance that delivers consistently reliable products.

John Thomson | Production Director
John Thomson
Production Director

With Lakeland for over 40 years, John maintains our production schedule, anticipating client demand to always keep ahead.

Eric Seddon, Finance Director
Eric Seddon
Finance Director

Thorough understanding of our market, suppliers and pricing trends which enables us to purchase quality materials for best value.

Tony Morrissey
Tony Morrissey
QHSE Compliance Manager

Experienced regulatory knowledge that maintains our quality, health, safety and environmental credentials, including REACH and ISO.

Lakeland Products & Services

Versatile speciality products and services which serve a broad cross-section of global industries, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Lakeland Products

Our core amphoteric, phosphate ester & wax emulsion surfactants, together with specialist anionic & nonionic products.

Contract Manufacture

Bespoke products developed to client specifications, supported by accessible technical skills and 50 years’ chemistry experience.

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