Sales Director Cath Buckley crosses the water to visit Irish clients 🇮🇪

30 Aug 2023

Sales Director Cath Buckley recently crossed the Irish Sea to visit some of our Irish clients in Cork, Tralee and Belfast over the course of 5 days. The trip comprised continuous relationship building, exploring clients' current business needs and how Lakeland can support their goals, as well as working together to develop new, effective products that perform just as intended.

Lakeland's Sales Director, Cath, visits Irish clients in Cork, Tralee and Belfast over the course of 5 days.

Some shots from Cath's visit in Cork, Tralee and Belfast over the 5 day trip

Cath's visit extended to all far reaches of Ireland, in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, stretching from Cork in the far south to Tralee in the West and Belfast across the border with the North. Spending time like this with clients is essential to Lakeland's work, ensuring that our products meet the exact specifications demanded by our clients' ranges, and exploring opportunities to develop existing and new surfactants that meet ever-growing consumer demands.

A number of Lakeland’s Irish clients work within the automotive industry and rely on our multifunctional amphoterics products as a key component for their automotive care ranges.

Fully manufactured in-house, Lakeland Laboratories’ technical team tailors amphoteric products to offer bespoke properties that suit our Irish automotive clients' needs, creating unique, compliant and highly effective speciality amphoterics with reliable consistency.

Cath comments:

“A huge thank you to our Irish clients in Cork, Tralee and Belfast who made me feel very welcome during my trip. I really enjoyed my time in Ireland and look forward to seeing you again to continue our excellent partnerships!”

Speciality Chemical Manufacture by Lakeland Laboratories

Established in 1963, Lakeland Laboratories is an independent manufacturer of speciality chemicals and surfactants based in Greater Manchester and supplying customers and sectors globally.

Committed to the chemistry behind our products, our business maintains a focus on product development backed by hands-on laboratory skills and strong customer relationships which enable us to create product ranges perfectly tailored to their purpose.

Dedicated to continual improvement and excellent service, Lakeland Laboratories drives industry through innovative research, development and manufacture of high-quality, niche chemicals relied upon throughout the supply chain, delivering consistently exceptional results for end users.



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