Surfactant & specialist chemicals

Surfactant & specialist chemicals that drive industries worldwide

Lakeland Laboratories’ surfactants, including amphoterics and phosphate esters as well as a range of wax emulsions and specialist performance products, are used by a broad cross-section of industries to deliver consistent, reliable results.

Whether manufactured for end users or as part of a supply chain for consumer products, our range benefits from exceptional in-house technical expertise which develops variations to suit changing demand, regulations and product performance, as well as helpful and highly knowledgeable compliance, production and service expertise.

Clients enjoy ease of access to our laboratory, working collaboratively to develop quality products fit for purpose and with dependable quality that’s relied upon by manufacturers and end users worldwide.

From oil field and agrochem to automotive, industrial cleaning and janitorial, Lakeland Laboratories employs the best raw materials on the market to support sectors with effective speciality chemicals that produce excellent results, driving industry through reliable science.

Our Range of Quality Products

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