Speciality Surfactants from Lakeland Laboratories

Versatile development of bespoke chemicals by Lakeland Laboratories

With a wide range of applications and benefiting from our team’s years’ of surfactant development expertise, Lakeland Laboratories manufactures a broad range of speciality products used across industries worldwide.

From iodine solutions to speciality amphoterics, terpene cleaning concentrates and hydrotropes, Lakeland’s technical team is continually exploring new applications and new ranges to suit diverse client needs, changing regulations and evolving consumer expectations in global sectors from agrochem and manufacturing to cleaning, construction and oil field.

Committed to the development of reliable chemicals backed by specialist chemistry knowledge and understanding, Lakeland uses the highest-quality raw materials on the market to ensure consistency and high performance in our speciality ranges.

Whether manufacturing in bulk or sampling in smaller quantities, Lakeland’s team provides the technical and compliance support our clients need to create unique products that drive new product lines, improve environmental qualities and enhance consumer benefits.

Products Properties Industrial Applications
Lakeland P4 Solubilisation Hard Surface Cleaners
  Detergency Perfume Solubilisers
  Co-solvent Microemulsions
  Free Rinsing Sanitisers
    Metal Finishing
    Textile Processing
Products Properties Industrial Applications
Lakeland IS 20 Concentrated solution of Iodine in mobile and stable form Food Processing Dairy and Poultry Plants Brewery
Products Properties Industrial Applications
Lakeland CS100-LF Detergency Metal Cleaning/Finishing
  Hydrotrope Rinse Aids
  Low Foam CIP Systems
  High Alkali Stability Dairy/Food Process Cleaning
    Hard Surface Cleaning

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Versatile products drive businesses spanning a wide range of global sectors, with consistent results backed by excellent customer relationships.

Lakeland Products

Speciality amphoterics, phosphate esters, wax emulsions & bespoke surfactants carrying broad application use to suit continually evolving needs.

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How Lakeland drives client industries worldwide through specialist chemical development & manufacture, backed by service excellence.

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