Improving soils through agrochem

Lakeland Laboratories enhances soil quality to increase food production

A leading supplier of fertilisers to the international commercial agriculture sector, our client improves crop yields through continual innovation in fertilisers, nutrients and related environmental products.

Lakeland enjoys excellent understanding of agrochem processes and products, enabling us to quickly establish our client’s requirements. Choosing to work with us as a result of our supply guarantees, Lakeland’s team built strong channels of communication with our client from the outset to ensure optimal performance from our products.

Sector: Agrochem

Location: UK & South America

Products & Services:
Bespoke phosphate esters

Lakeland’s speciality phosphate ester manufacture

Our client approached us with a brief to develop a bespoke phosphate ester which would support crop growth in South America and tropical climates where soils are deficient in specific heavy metals.

Heavy metals are suspended and sprayed across the farming area for an even distribution of product, enhancing soils with nutrients in which they are otherwise deficient, which in turn enables crop yields to grow and flourish. With guaranteed product development in our laboratory, on-site manufacture and distribution, Lakeland was pleased to support the production of this bespoke blend.

Increasing crop yields for improved food supply

With over 60 years’ experience in bespoke surfactant manufacture, Lakeland Laboratories supported our client with accessible technical expertise that perfected the product in the laboratory, ensuring the blend was capable of not only excellent performance but scalable for larger-scale production.

Lakeland’s regulatory QHSE support, benefiting from deep understanding of international requirements, ensured compliance throughout, both within the UK and across the target geographical areas.

Through efficient technical product development, guaranteed supply and complete compliance support, Lakeland’s client is able to service tropical regions, enhancing soil quality and nutrients to enable greater crop yields, increased farmer profits and a well-stocked food supply chain for local communities.

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