Biodegradable & Bespoke Agrochem Surfactants

Non-hazardous agrochem that supports the global food chain

For over 60 years, Lakeland Laboratories has manufactured speciality chemicals to support agriculture in the UK and worldwide. Having developed biodegradable products which are non-hazardous to aquatic life, our clients benefit from raw materials capable of being tailored to meet highly specific needs.

Amphoterics are used together with phosphate esters to enhance wetting of foliage that enables more efficient penetration of fertilisers, with foaming properties that allow personnel to see the areas already treated more easily. Versatile phosphate esters are developed bespoke, suspending active agents whilst acting as emulsifiers and dispersing aids.

Our REACH approvals (TSCA in the USA) ensure agrochem supply from an experienced team enjoying excellent understanding of regulatory requirements and the features of our product range, which not only meet statutory objectives but carry exceptional performance when in use.

Agrochem is a fast-moving sector, continually balancing food supply chain demands with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Our technical team partners with clients during the development of bespoke agrochem products, with regulatory support from our QSHE Manager available to support applications for usage approvals.

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