Effective Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Chemicals

Speciality & highly adaptable surfactants for I&I sector clients

With good environmental profiles and an ever-evolving range of applications, Lakeland Laboratories manufactures quality surfactants for industrial and institutional cleaning (I&I) sector clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

Exceptional hard surface cleaning is achieved through high-performance amphoteric and phosphate ester surfactants, with both high-foaming AMAs which enhance builders and low-foaming formulas boosting cleaning power, working together to produce lasting results across a range of surfaces.

Our I&I surfactants are developed to perform differently according to temperature, ensuring that performance is not restricted. From dishwasher formulas and low-foam glass cleaning to industrial-strength crockery, cutlery and tanning removal products, our I&I range is utilised in off-the-shelf, commercial I&I products to care for schools, hotels, pubs, kitchens, leisure and sports facilities.

Lakeland Laboratories’ I&I products are incredibly versatile, and our technical team works closely with clients to identify specific needs and develop bespoke product ranges to suit. As I&I and good hygiene practices become increasingly-important in commercial and public spaces, Lakeland’s products offer enhanced performance, surface protection and ease of application.

I&I Experience

Speciality Chemicals Manufacture for the industrial and institutional cleaning (I&I) sector

“Over the past 25 years we have been supplied by Lakeland and have never had a quality issue. They have always been helpful with product formulation advice, and they are always willing to supply samples and technical information. Lakeland is a long-standing British company, we have never suffered with product or stock delays and pricing is always competitive.”

I&I sector client

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