Protective Metalworking & Metal Cleaning Surfactants

Surfactants that protect, enhance & improve steel during metalworking & metal cleaning

With excellent anti-corrosion, lubrication and emulsification properties, Lakeland Laboratories’ products protect metals during metalworking, metal cleaning and metal processing to prevent corrosive damage and improve durability in metals.

Lubrication and corrosion inhibition from phosphate esters, offer a range of foam levels according to application, and in free acid or neutralised variants solubility can be developed to suit hydrophobic and hydrophillic environments.

Phosphate esters stabilise lubricants with solubilisation and emulsification properties, supporting the pre-treatment of metals which protects products as they move through processes such as car manufacturing and engineering plants.

Clients and end users throughout the UK and internationally, including large steel and other metals manufacturers, infrastructure sector organisations, construction and engineering businesses, achieve greater value from raw steel and metals when products are protected by Lakeland’s phosphate ester range, shielding surfaces to result in improved appearance, a longer lifecycle and greater durability.

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