Anti-Corrosive Oil Field Surfactants

Protective surfactants to prevent corrosion & improve oil field operations

With constant demands on production, the oil field sector relies on protected and stable infrastructure that will continue to deliver vital fuels for processing. Anti-corrosive and lubricant properties shield pipework and structural elements of oil rigs against damage from seawater and other harmful elements, whilst our amphoteric range provides efficient internal cleaning to maintain pipework in good condition.

Enjoying good environmental profiles, phosphate esters are utilised broadly by Lakeland’s oil field sector clients. Applications including emulsification, anti-corrosion, lubrication, cleaning and hydrotroping create a versatile product range suitable for use in deep water, with amphoterics’ cleaning properties preventing blockages and maintaining stable pressure to support continual delivery of raw materials.

Diversity in stoichiometry of our oil field phosphate ester range is backed by Lakeland’s reliable science, and products are tailored according to specific need, enhancing anti corrosion properties where necessary through neutralised varieties of the product.

Supporting the supply of essential energy resources worldwide, Lakeland Laboratories is a key chemicals partner to many oil field sector clients, delivering protective surfactants since 1963 to offshore and onshore oil producers, oil field sector operators and component manufacturers.

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