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Lakeland Laboratories was formed in 1963
as a surfactant blending company in the
North West of England, specialising in
cleaning, brewery and laundry products.
In the 1970's the company moved away
from blended products to concentrate on
speciality surfactant manufacturing.

Based near Manchester, England

Lakeland is an established manufacturer
of Speciality Surfactants. The site is ISO 9001
and 14001 registered and our products are exported worldwide through an established network of agents and distributors.

Traditionally serving the maintenance chemical industry

Our products are now used in most areas of the cleaning sector and industrial applications. Technical support is provided for existing customers and development of new business.

Exceptional Facilities

As well as providing the formulator with multifunctional properties, these product ranges possess excellent environmental profiles.

Lakeland also has facilities for contract manufacture/synthesis.

Wax Emulsions

Based on various grades of polyethylene, montan and polypropylene wax in easily handled aqueous emulsion form. These emulsions can be based on Anionic, Cationic and Nonionic characters.

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Types Products Properties Industrial Applications
  • Polyethylene Copolymer
  • Lakewax 52
  • Completely Aqueous Nonionic / Cationic / Anionic
  • Varying Particle Size
  • Hard / Soft Waxes
  • Anti-Blocking
  • Slip Resistant
  • Anti-wear
  • Floor Polish
  • Printing Ink ( Flexographic )
  • Temporary Protective - Coatings
  • Metal Working
  • Wood Finishes
  • Facade Protection
  • Textile Finishing
  • Packaging Films
  • Paints ( Water Based )
  • Fruit Coating
  • Mould Release
  • Oxidised Homopolymers
  • Lakewax 29
  • Lakewax 37
  • Lakewax A37D
  • Lakewax C37
  • Lakewax 60/40
  • Lakewax C60
  • Polypropylene Copolymers
  • Lakewax 57P
  • Lakewax 78
  • Montan Ester
  • Lakewax 20

Lakeland Labs Website Synopsis
This website showcases our work as Contract Chemical Manufacturers specialising in Surfactant Blending and Surfactants Manufacturing
Here we highlight our work in the development of ranges of Amphoterics, Phosphate Esters, Imidazolines, and Wax emulsions. Facilities and products featured include surfactant blending and our work as surfactant manufacturers Through continual development, Lakeland Laboratories have become major manufacturers of speciality surfactants and contract chemicals in Europe and other world markets.

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