Amphoterics from Lakeland Laboratories

Multifunctional amphoterics developed by Lakeland Laboratories

Produced using raw materials of the highest standard, our diproprionate and monoproprionate products are salt-free and highly versatile for a broad range of industrial uses.

Excellent dirt-lifting and free-rinsing qualities, together with good environmental profiles and low aquatic toxicity, makes our amphoteric products a key component for applications including automotive care, household cleaning products, hard surface cleaners and detergents.

High and low-foaming variants, and powerful emulsifiers, are pH stable in a range of pH, providing corrosion inhibition, anti-static and dispersant properties which are utilised effectively in industrial and institutional cleaning, oil field and metal working sectors in particular.

Fully manufactured in-house, Lakeland Laboratories’ technical team tailors amphoteric products to offer bespoke properties that suit client need, creating unique, compliant and highly effective speciality amphoterics with reliable consistency.

Products Properties Industrial Applications
AMA Readily Biodegradable Detergents
AMA 38 Salt Free Maintenance
AMA 100 Solubilisers Metal Finishing
AMA LF40 High or Low Foam Micro emulsions
AMA LF70 Corrosion Inhibiting Lubricants
AMA LF60 Hydrotrope Vehicle Cleaning
Products Properties Industrial Applications
ACP 70 Lubricity Oil Fields
  Highly Alkali Stable Lubricants
  Acid Stable Emulsifier
  Environment Friendly  
  Free Rinsing  
Products Properties Industrial Applications
CAB Biodegradable Toletries
  Lubricity Institution
    Industrial Detergents

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Versatile products drive businesses spanning a wide range of global sectors, with consistent results backed by excellent customer relationships.

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Speciality amphoterics, phosphate esters, wax emulsions & bespoke surfactants carrying broad application use to suit continually evolving needs.

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