Versatile Surfactants for the Automotive Sector

High-performance amphoterics & phosphate esters for automotive industries

From household brands that deliver high-shine cleaning to commercial-grade products suitable for the toughest HGV wash downs, Lakeland Laboratories manufactures versatile surfactants with high and low-foaming applications that make for excellent performance across the automotive sector.

Hydrotroping amphoterics enjoy good environmental profiles and, with good solubilising properties which allow us to create more concentrated formulas, offer exceptional detergency, lift dirt effectively and enhance surface protection.

Our automotive amphoteric products are stable with perfumes and dyes, making them ideal for the consumer market, and Lakeland is proud to supply amphoteric surfactants to well-known and much-loved high street automotive cleaning brands internationally.

Delivering excellent industrial-strength commercial applications, and together with applications in engine lubrication, phosphate esters promote anti-redeposition of dirt particles, making them ideal for heavy-duty formulations and usage in HGV wash down. Drying cleanly, Lakeland’s products are essential for automotive fleet operators in the preparation of vehicles for MOT as well as encouraging vehicle efficiency and maintaining high corporate standards while on the road.

Lakeland continually invests in development of our amphoteric and phosphate ester formulas, keeping up with the automotive sector’s latest technologies and advancements to ensure products never stand still.

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High-performance and Reliable Chemicals Manufacturing for the Automotive Sector

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