Cost-saving chemicals for oil recycling

How Lakeland Laboratories supports oil recycling processes

Lakeland’s energy sector client recycles oils at its UK-based refinery, generally gaining its work through tenders with a range of organisations.

Over 15 years, our team has established strong relationships with the client team and an excellent understanding of its processes and business model, enabling us to respond quickly to demand which arises principally when a new contract is achieved.

Sector: Oilfield

Location: UK-based with business worldwide

Products & Services:
Bespoke blends of speciality products

Lakeland’s speciality chemical blends

Knowing exactly what the client will need to successfully undertake its contracts, Lakeland’s team commences production as soon as we’re notified of a tender win.

Our work for the client mostly comprises bespoke terpine blends. Products are used to clean down oil tankers, storage vessels and oil reactors, splitting oil and water to clean the interior of each. Oil is collected and recycled, whilst water is safely removed and discharged into the water system to complete an environmentally-aware process which makes the most of the oil commodity.

Creating cost-saving processes that add value

Lakeland Laboratories continually delivers excellent levels of service which ensure our client business is able to meet the requirements of the contracts it wins. Strong relationships are supported by accessible technical and production expertise, manufacturing blends which work effectively to facilitate our client’s environmentally-sound recycling and waste disposal processes.

The quality of our product is essential not only to the successful performance of our client’s work, but to the protection of our client’s own business in its water discharge, ensuring no risk is presented to water supply or wildlife.

Lakeland’s bespoke blends present an economical method of working for our client, allowing them to reuse and recycle oils without needing to pay disposal costs for water. With regulatory support on hand, fast production and technical expertise that maintains consistency and performance of our blends, Lakeland Laboratories adds value through efficient and cost-saving chemicals manufacture.

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