Surfactant manufacture in Manchester

For over 60 years, surfactant manufacture by Manchester-based Lakeland Laboratories has supported production and supply chains for countless businesses worldwide, delivering speciality surfactant chemicals manufacturing in Manchester with outstanding expertise and service excellence.

A speciality surfactants and chemicals manufacturer, chemistry and reliable science sit at the heart of Lakeland’s Manchester business. Maintaining a continual focus on bespoke surfactant manufacturing research and development, investment in hands-on laboratory skills and strong customer relationships, Lakeland is a surfactant manufacturing partner in Manchester relied upon by industry.

Unique surfactant manufacture in Manchester by Lakeland Laboratories

Lakeland Laboratories’ surfactant manufacture services deliver a broad range of surfactant amphoteric, wax emulsion, phosphate ester and speciality chemicals used across many industry sectors, from oil and gas to automotive, industrial and institutional cleaning, and agrochem.

Working alongside clients from our Manchester base, our surfactant manufacturing team manufactures surfactant chemicals both for end users and as part of a consumer product supply chain, offering clients direct access to technical expertise which creates unique speciality surfactant chemicals that meet ever-changing demand, regulations and surfactant performance expectations.

Surfactant & specialist chemicals that drive industries in Manchester

Lakeland’s surfactant manufacture in Manchester is centred on development of a core product range which includes:


Amphoteric surfactant manufacture

A multifunctional surfactant product range produced using raw materials of the highest standard. Salt-free, highly versatile diproprionate and monoproprionate surfactant amphoterics with excellent dirt-lifting and free-rinsing qualities, good environmental profiles and hard-working performance.


Wax emulsion manufacture

Surfactant wax emulsions manufactured under high pressure and rapid cooling. A stable, low-viscosity surfactant range with excellent versatility through nonionic, anionic and cationic aqueous emulsions including homopolymers, polypropylene, copolymers and montan ester surfactants.


Phosphate ester manufacture

Phosphate ester surfactants enjoy good environmental profiles, suiting sectors from manufacturing and oil field to lubricants, detergents and textiles. Nominally 100% active, Lakeland’s surfactant phosphate esters are water/oil soluble, biodegradable and carry varied foaming capabilities.


Speciality chemicals & surfactant manufacture

Manchester’s Lakeland Laboratories works with clients to develop and manufacture bespoke surfactant and speciality chemicals with an incredibly wide range of applications, including iodine solutions, terpene cleaning concentrates and hydrotropes.

Why choose Lakeland Laboratories for surfactant manufacture in Manchester?

Since 1963, Lakeland Laboratories has established an excellent reputation for quality, independent surfactant manufacture in Manchester.

Working alongside over 25 international distribution network partners and manufactured in-house at our Greater Manchester plant, our surfactants are used worldwide in industry applications ranging from high-performance automotive uses, oil field anti-corrosives, and non-hazardous chemicals which support the agrochem food chain.

Reliable surfactant science since 1963

Surfactant manufacturing in Manchester that’s rooted in chemistry and scientific understanding, developing bespoke surfactant product ranges with exceptional performance.

Surfactants manufactured with consistent quality

Customers worldwide rely on the consistency of Lakeland’s speciality surfactant manufacture, underpinning their processes with quality chemicals that perform to expected standards.

Accessible technical expertise

Lakeland’s surfactant manufacture customers benefit from unmatched access to our Manchester laboratory’s technical team, developing entirely bespoke speciality chemicals.

Quality customer service

Lakeland is focused on client need, driven by our commitment to research, and centred on continued innovation that establishes strong relationships for better surfactant performance.

Find out more about surfactant manufacture in Manchester with Lakeland Laboratories

Lakeland’s surfactant manufacturing team in Manchester delivers reliable, consistent and high-performance amphoteric, phosphate ester, wax emulsion and speciality surfactants which support industry, food production, cleaning and manufacturing processes worldwide.

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